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Neighbourhood Watch in Walton le Dale

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The South Ribble Neighbourhood Watch Association (SRNWA) is a non-profit making organisation consisting entirely of unpaid volunteers. In order to enable the association to operate effectively, and engage in community safety initiatives, funding is required. If you would like to make a financial contribution towards the running of the SRNWA you can do so via the SRNWA web site contacts page.

The South Ribble Neighbourhood Watch Association is run by neighbourhood watch co-ordinators for the benefit of neighbourhood watch members throughout the South Ribble area, including Walton le Dale, and meets regularly to discuss neighbourhood watch matters and to try to identify those who need our help or guidance, or answer any questions that may be raised by the neighbourhood watch co-ordinators. The South Ribble Neighbourhood Watch Association adopted its constitution on 31st March 2005.

All the South Ribble Neighbourhood Watch Association committee members are co-ordinators in the South Ribble area, with the exception of our Neighbourhood Watch Administrator, Beverley Warburton, who sets up the schemes in the area.

The South Ribble Neighbourhood Watch Association regularly send committee members to the Lancashire Neighbourhood Watch Forum meetings, and therefore they are able to give information to all co-ordinators in South Ribble as soon as it is received.

The South Ribble Neighbourhood Watch Association’s aims and objectives are…

  • To support local neighbourhood watch schemes in order to reduce crime and disorder within the borough of South Ribble.
  • To encourage local neighbourhood watch schemes to engage local communities (of all ages) to help our neighbourhoods by sharing good practice.
  • To support local neighbourhood watch schemes to reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors to South Ribble.
  • To promote crime prevention measures and techniques across the communities of South Ribble, in order to make the borough a safer place to live.
  • To ensure all local neighbourhood watch schemes are informed of information and data on all aspects of crime prevention in order to reduce the number of victims of crime.

Neighbourhood Watch Areas in Walton le Dale

As of 22nd March 2010 there were 238 registered neighbourhood watch schemes in South Ribble, covering about 10000 households. All or part of the roads listed below have a registered neighbourhood watch scheme. Check to see if your road is listed. If it is, and you would like to join the neighbourhood watch scheme contact Beverley Warburton, your Neighbourhood Watch Administrator, on telephone 01772 625593 or Email her.


Contact Beverley and she will advise you of the requirements to initiate a new neighbourhood watch scheme. She will also tell you about the potential benefits of having an effective neighbourhood watch scheme and about the role of the co-ordinator. When you’re ready, she’ll even help you launch your new scheme.


  • Garsdale Close
  • Hampshire Road
  • High Meadow
  • Higher Walton Road
  • Holland House Road
  • Kingsdale Close
  • Knot Lane
  • Leigh Brow
  • Oakland Glen
  • Oakwood Avenue
  • Queensdale Close
  • Selkirk Drive
  • Somersby Close
  • Summerfield Close
  • The Drive
  • The Oaks
  • The Square
  • Valley View

If you can’t find your scheme? Contact the SRNWA.

For more information about your local NW scheme, please visit the SRNWA web site.

Help Local Police - Support Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes involve people getting together with their neighbours to work in an active partnership with the Police to prevent crime.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can:

  • Help prevent crime and the opportunities for crime
  • Help and reassure those who live in fear of crime
  • Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities

In Lancashire, there are now over 1900 registered Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators covering nearly 100,000 residential properties.

What are the benefits of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

Neighbourhood Watch is not just about reducing burglary figures. It is about creating communities who care and creating a better place to live, work and play.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes help bring local people together by fostering a new community spirit and a belief in the community’s ability to tackle problems by working together. At the same time, people feel secure, knowing their neighbours are keeping an eye on their property.

By taking part in a Neighbourhood Watch schemes people become familiar with crime prevention ideas which will help keep their home and belongings safe. It might even mean that you can get a premium discount from your insurance company.