Fishwick Nature Reserve

Fishwick Local Nature Reserve is situated in Fishwick Bottoms and covers approximately 26ha. Much of the woodland here is made up of non-native species, but management is increasing the biodiversity by replacing these with more appropriate species. There are also wildflower meadows to explore and several ponds which attract herons and kingfishers.

Fishwick Local Nature Reserve and Recreation Ground

The Fishwick Local Nature Reserve and Recreation Ground is made of woodland, grassland and wetland habitat. Each habitat features a range of wildlife including kingfisher and heron with lots of plant species such as bluebells, wild garlic, Campion and celandines. The site is supported by several partners and has retained its Green Flag award since 2007.

The area also includes a BMX track, which is home to Preston Pirates BMX club. The track is open to the public when the club are not using it.

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Fishwick Local Nature Reserve…